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Founder's Day Challenge

The Founder's Day Challenge is an opportunity to celebrate Stevens' 150th Anniversary by making a gift to your alma mater in support of your favorite fund! It also helps to boost the annual participation rate of your class and, if applicable, your fraternity or sorority. 


There are two ways to ensure that your class, fraternity, and/or sorority secure the bonus dollars being offered during the 2020 Founder’s Day Challenge:

  • All class and Greek organizations who have 35 gifts of $150 (or more) to any fund at Stevens will receive a $1,000 bonus toward their scholarship.

  • The class, fraternity, and sorority (one in each category) that realizes the greatest increase in their participation rate during this time will have $1,000 added to their scholarship.

Class Status
Current number of gifts above $150 each class has given.
What Class Year are you supporting? Enter in YYYY format.
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2012 2
2 2004 1
3 1988 1
4 2014 1
5 1993 1
6 2018 1
7 1990 1
8 1991 1
Fraternity Status
Current number of gifts above $150 each fraternity has given.
What Fraternity are you supporting?
Rank Answer Gifts
Sorority Status
Current number of gifts above $150 each sorority has given.
What Sorority are you Supporting?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Phi Sigma Sigma (Zeta Omega) 4
2 Delta Phi Epsilon 3
3 Omicron Pi 1
Multicultural Status
Current number of gifts above $150 multicultural group has given.
What Cultural Greek Council Organization are you supporting?
Rank Answer Amount
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